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      Car Reviews & Research

      Bringing you the latest video reviews of our hottest inventory.

      Online Car Reviews | Video Reviews

      We find ourselves spending countless hours watching reviews of every type of vehicle. Whether it be a standard Camry or Accord up to the lastest supercar, these videos captivate car enthusiasts worldwide. The biggest issue with this content is the divide between the channels that review the content and the retailers selling the cars. We took this opportunity to draw a direct line and use our access to our inventory to our advantage!

      We Love Cars | Car Enthusiasts @ Work

      Working for an automotive group probably wouldn't be much fun if we didn't love cars. To exemplify our enthusiasm for the cars we sell, an elite team of car lovers has been drafted to form the Asbury TV team.

      This spinoff team of the Digital Army Rangers is proud to bring you a series of content that we thought would bridge the gap between car reviewers and automotive retailers. We hope you have as much fun watching the videos as we had making them (probably not)!

      The Asbury TV Production Team

      Charlie Agrinsoni

      Head of Development

      John Ellithorp

      Sr. Manager - Nalley

      Brandon Perez

      McDavid & Gray-Daniels

      DJ Perez


      Jon Sullivan

      Director of Digital Marketing